the butterflies have left

I was bored with my old layout and so I picked this one for a change. Actually I wanted to switch back to my old layout but then I see that the black and white butterfly theme can't be applied to my account anymore, d'oh. So I guess I'll stick to this one, lol.

In other news.. I still have holidays for another month and I'm enjoying them very much. I'm not really looking forward the next semester, but at least it's going to be my last year, whoop whoop. Still I just found out that I have to read 14 books for my English literature course before the semester starts.  -.-

I think I have not anything intersting to say so I'll post some pictures I took in the zoo and on another event called "summernight in the zoo and flora"... as soon I've figured out how to link the album which I uploaded on my LJ. ;D Ok, so I managed to upload the album but then there was a massive space between the text and the pictures and I didn't figure out how to delete it. So I tried to use the links from my photobucket album but there always appears a small blue line which connects the pictures. So when I clicked on the individual pictures to enlarge them, there always appeared only the first photo, gnaaargh.  So the row in the middle worked, but not the rest which is the reason why it looks so erraticly. I still have my problems with LJ, lol. These are just some pictures, but I'll upload some more soon.  /ramble

Now I'm off to bed to read and read and read and read and read.... 

john wet


Two of my three readers dear friends had birthday.. and although I'm late with this, I have some small presents for G1M and Mata. Since my photoshop-program is crappy and didn't work, I had to use photobucket.. I couldn't keep up with your skills anyway.. ;D

Edit: Forgot to say the most important thing: HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, dears! :-) *squish*

Isaac: I'm still searching a suitable motive for you, but I haven't come across any good one yet.. I'll keep watching out! ;-) Therefore you already get this:

Mata: Here is a better version of the picture I posted on LLT. Additionally, I thought you might like this set of poppy-pics (you need the password "barfuss" to log in). You can choose any photo you like. :-)


Angie & White Easter

Current thoughts:     Damn, why did Angela Merkel had to use the song "Angie" by the Rolling Stones for her election campaign?? Now I can't listen to it anymore without thinking of her...!

Current wallpaper: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/staticfiles/NGS/Shared/StaticFiles/Photography/Images/POD/l/lavender-field-516175-sw.jpg

Current occupation:    eating lemoncake & trying to analyze language storage in the mind.

Current favourite video on youtube:  This is soo cute! It makes me cheer up every time I see it. :-D My uncle sent this to me with the note: "that's what it looks like here at 6 o'clock in the moring".

And some more pics from Easter! Btw, today the sun is shining and people are running around in short shirts.
Heath & Matilda

thursday, the big day

It's thursday today and this is the day where I always expect calls or e-mails from my boss telling me about people who complain about my articles. The issue from our city desk (is that the right translation?) always appears on tuesdays in the newspaper.  And although this happened - as far as I know - only twice, I always expect such reactions. Probably because I'm never really content with my texts.  In the two cases where people complained about my texts, one of them even almost terrorised me and send letters to our office and to different city departments. He even send them a copy from my article where he marked the parts which were "completely wrong". Luckily I was the one who was right, but I guess I got traumatized back then, lol. Still very funny though.
I'm not in Easter mood yet..  wouldn't mind if the temperature rose a little. Therefore I've been in a shopping mood lately, hehe.
Besides the new clothes which may require a huger wardrobe, my DVD collection increased for several essentially needed (well more or less^^) films and episodes:
 - Hatari!
 - La Haine
 - Gilmore Girls Season 5 & 6
 - Friends Season 1 & 2
 - Candy
 - Brokeback Mountain
 - Scoop
 - Lucky # Slevin
That's not good for my budget, but I hope that my shopping enthusiasm will slow down now, lol.
I finally started to go to the driving school and already took some lessons. I'l try to get as many as possible before uni starts again.
I actually planned to revise the last semester but I still haven't done very much. The revision includes lerning to talk and write in a British and American accents which is quite fun (until it comes to the transcription, yuck). Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to practice that with others yet very often. I just talk to a friend from England from time to time. She'll come to visit me in June, wohooo! :-) This will be fun!
    I've also been going to my favourite Irish Pub quite often lately. The people working there come from England, Ireland and Australia, and as one of my lectureres said "Go to Irish Pubs and train your English!".. hehe. Alright, if you say so! ;-)

I'd love to show more pictures I took of events I had to write about, but I guess this is probably not allowed since the people I took pics of probably don't want to be presented here. This is a pity since many photos are really hilarious/strange/suprising.

Anyway here are some other pics I took within the last year because I have my beloved camera since almost a year now.

March - July 2007


Cologne in December 2007:
Please don't use the pics without permission.
audrey 4

Ooh La

Trallalalaa.. not much to tell. Finally got holidays after finishing the last exam on tuesday and am working more often again.

In June the Foo Fighters are going to give a concert in Düsseldorf and I want to go there desperately! When I found out about it (it was early in the morning) I'm afraid I must have woken up half the neighbourhood..
But so far I haven't found anybody who's coming with me. :( Anyway, I'll find a way to go there! I will I will I will.
Anybody who wants to join me? ;)

Mata, I remember that you were looking for a pic with a candle in front of a dark background. When rummaging in my folders I found two pics I took on Christmas Eve. I guess it's not quite what you've been looking for, but maybe you want to use them anyway. ;)
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audrey 3

Am I still dreaming?

...meh... this is waaaaaay to early in the morning for my taste.... -.-
Don't want to go to uni anymore. Hate it hate it hate it!
Might edit this post later and upload some pics when I'm back home... in about 12 or 13 hours. Have a nice day all of you!
pink dress

Morning's heeeeerreee!

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you've all had a great start into 2008 and hopefully this is going to be a lovely and successful year for all of you.

I just realized that I only wrote 6 (!!!) entries last year..! How pathetic. So one resolution for this year: more LJ entries!
Other resolutions: lerning more often for uni! Visiting a good friend in England! Learn to drive! Save money for a motor scooter.. but not one of these inscect-like looking ones, I'd rather have a Vespa like the one Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck drive in "Roman holiday"... ;-)

I have to write an essay about transcendentalism. no idea what this is? Me neither.. but since I don't receive any marks for this, I can just fudge a story. I just finally have to pull myself together and stop rambling here..

although morning's almost over... : http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z8yIPK1u9rU

Winter Wonderland

I think within the last 3 days there hasn't been one minute in which I wasn't digesting something, lol.

Anyway, merry (belated) Christmas everyone! *hugs*

for Mata:
my pimped pic!

for G1M:
my pimped pic!

for Hoody:
my pimped pic!
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house and jack bauer on the simpsons

I saw this game on the LJ of mata090680 and since there are only about two registred people visiting my profile it won't be much work to think of fictional characters, lol..

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you. Then post the same in your journal and join in the fun!

Link of the day: http://videos.24fans.net/simpsons_spoof/
Joe - it wasn't me

Milka chocolate

Hellooo helloooo everyone! :D

Oi, seven months have passed since my last post. Well, seems like my plan of posting more didn't work out, haha. But my life isn't that exciting (doesn't mean that I don't like my life. Actually I'm pretty satisfied with it most of the time, but I couldn't fill a bestseller biography yet, tehee.), so I can sum up the events of the last couple of months within a few sentences:

I spent most of the time learning for exams. It's been quite a marathon, but now all exams are done and I just have to wait for two more results. Cross your fingers for me that everything turns out well! ;-)
Now I finally have time again to read something which has nothing to do with uni, woot! (At the moment I'm reading a book about Audrey Hepburn which was written by her son.)
Then I also worked quite much within the holidays which was fun since I have some of the most entertaining colleagues! :-)
Aaand I finally managed to renovate my room! I actually have to rooms for myself now.  I'll take some pics soon and post them here.

It's become pretty cold by now, I'm thinking of grubbing out my winter coat which is actually supposed for arctic temperatures...hmm.
Another note: I hate the new wrapping of Milka chocolate, but I love the chocolate itself. What a dilemma. :D

Mata, here are some more pics of the sky, maybe some of them are useful for you.

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